Best Of The Best Smartphone Film Awards Ceremony

GMFA curtain

It happened December 10, 2017. The first Awards Ceremony of it’s kind. The inaugural Global Mobile Film Awards™ was presented as an online show to award the best of the best mobile films around the world.

The nominees were selected by two founding members SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest from Australia and International Mobile Film Festival in the U.S.

The most important criteria for the films nominated for the awards were that they had to be shot entirely with a smartphone and they had won an official award by the film festival which nominated them. There were 13 total nominees for five categories: Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Documentary and Best Experimental film.

Judges selected the winning films from each category. The judges were Penny Styles and Dave DeBorde.

GMFA has been dubbed as the “Oscars” of mobile film because it is the ultimate award given to filmmakers who shoot their films with their phones due to the criteria being that they are nominated as awardees.

Many mobile filmmakers are submitting their films to film festivals and winning awards. Some are winning multiple awards for their films. Now they can advance their films to the next level.

The goal of the Global Mobile Film Awards™ ceremony is to award mobile phone filmmakers who have achieved technical and artistic excellence in film using only smartphone cameras. Our aim is to award the best of the best world-wide.

There are many mobile and non-mobile film festivals who are accepting films from filmmakers who shoot them using a smartphone. In order to nominate films to GMFA, a film festival (or an official contest/competition from an organization) must be a member of GMFA. Annual membership includes nominations from their festival awards for films that are mobile films. GMFA is working on adding new categories beginning in 2018. The benefit for filmmakers being nominated by a member film festival is that they receive the nomination as a free submission to the awards ceremony. Festivals will be listed on the GMFA website as a member receive promotion from GMFA during their submissions period, among other benefits.

Open to All Film Festivals

Filmmakers are not dependent on film festivals for a nomination. Film festivals provide this as a benefit to mobile filmmakers as part of their membership. If a filmmaker can prove their film received an award from an official film festival, they may submit their film to GMFA who may elect to nominate them in a category. The filmmaker would pay a fee to be considered.

Films nominated for awards will be able to claim they were nominated for GMFA in their respective category for that year, forever and will receive laurels to add to their films, posters, websites and other media.

The awarded films will be recognized as the best of the best world-wide. They receive official certificates and laurels. GMFA will also promote them on the website. Ultimately, one should be able to go to the website and find a list of awardees for each year as official awarded films by GMFA.

Official Winners GMFA 2017

Winners of these films deserve to be recognized for their achievements in the mobile filmmaking industry.

Mithran Maharajan for Best Film with Figment, Aris Tyros for Best Director with How I Became A Movie Theatre Murderer, Blake Worrell for Best Cinematography with Dissolution, Kara Haarburger and the Swinburne University of Technology students for Best Documentary with Space Van Man; and Christopher Stollery for Best Experimental with No Budget. Watch the show and films currently available at

We are honored to present the awards to them and congratulate them.

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