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Welcome to Mobile Film! Did you notice it? Did you watch the media news and how mobile phones are at the center when it comes to video footage of breaking events? Did you read or watch the stories about Hollywood filmmakers using phones to complete their films and/or to aid in the creation of their films during production?

What is mobile film? It is different depending the context in which you find the term “mobile film,” however, when it comes to SBP we are referring to making a visual production using the camera on your phone. We choose phones and center on phones exclusively. The reason we do this is because we believe phones are the devices that are available to the most people at all times.

Making visual productions using your phone’s video camera is how you qualify for the International Mobil Film Festival and other programs within SBP’s mobile film resource center. We exclusively focus on the mobile phone: Mobile filmmaking. During the competitions at the Mobil Film Festival, a panel of judges makes winning selections based on all the usual criteria for film festival picks, but they include the creative and experimental factors that can only be attributed to mobile filmmaking.

Therefore, it is with great care that SBP selects its judge panel every year to ensure a fair judgement of winning films.

The filmmakers are promoted throughout the event, showcased and treated with the respect that all filmmakers deserve for the completion of a film.

You can read a study that was recently done by students in the University of Technology in Sidney, Australia. The study was done on several film festivals including MFF in May 2013, following MFF2013.

Giving profesional filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their skills is the main goal of the festival. MFF however, works to inspire anyone of any age or skill level to try it and that includes students.


We think films shot with mobile phones is creating a wonderful opportunity for filmmakers who could not showcase their skills and their talents before. The need for expression through visual art enabled people around the world to wrap themselves around the current technology to create high definition films which can now be showcased on big screens as well as mobile device screens.

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The San Diego Mobile Film School was created by SBP as a bridge to connect an artist’s dream with the tools he or she needs to realize their dream.

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Our newest program is the mobile TV distribution channel which is an online network. http://www.mobilechannel.TV can be watched on a mobile device while on the go. For people waiting in line or killing a little time, they can watch films shot exclusively with mobile phones. The films are not home videos. The films are all produced films but shot using mobile phones.


We have never received straight home videos for our film festival, and that is a loud testament to the phenomenon of mobile film that is currently taking place. Musical experimental videos, time-lapse and other films not usual or common to traditional filmmaking are exploding within the mobile film industry.

Susan Botello is the owner of SBP and the founder of MFF. Her passion is for the opportunity mobile film brings to the entire world. She sees it in the world of art, education, expression, social, business and industry, charity, journalism and many other applications.

Filmmaking has always been a “mobile” industry and SBP is set on making it so anyone can have access to filmmaking regardless of their income level, their connections, education, age or social standing. An equal ground to compete in a film festival and hope for the artist to have a chance in a competitive industry which is Hollywood.

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