The Other Side of Hollywood

The Other Side

A storyteller with a childhood dream realizes her dream through a director with a childhood dream to make films. Together, they are breaking the illusive limitations of mobile filmmaking through a new film, “The Other Side,” written by Marina Gómez and directed by famed pioneer mobile filmmaker Conrad Mess, best known for “The Fixer” filmed entirely with an iPhone 4 in 2011.

You may think that films shot with mobile phones are home videos. You may not have realized the new “other” Hollywood films in the world of mobile filmmaking.

That is because you probably haven’t heard of Conrad Mess. Mobile filmmaking pioneers like Conrad Mess are heroes in this not-so-famous industry that replaces the cameras with that of the mobile phone. And there is only one Conrad Mess.

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A filmmaker who has been using iPhones to shoot all the footage in his films is blowing away the “other” Hollywood with epic talent and skill which blows away “real” Hollywood films of the day. The films Conrad Mess has shot with iPhones are not to be compared to any films anywhere; made with any professional camera.

A true filmmaker has a style and professionalism about how he goes about creating his or her story. The attainment of those qualities is a tough feat for any director anywhere in the industry.

Conrad Mess has a style that surpasses what you are seeing in the theaters. You would be amazed at watching one of his films on the Big Screen. They look great, sound great and the best part is how they will captivate and entertain you and anyone else watching.

Conrad Mess’ fame began with “The Fixer,” which he shot entirely with an iPhone 4 and a group of friends. “The Fixer” is a multi-award winning film that you must see. It will go down in history as the mobile film that raised the platform for mobile phone filmmaking.

“The Other Side,” written by Marina Gómez is his newest film, which breaks the barriers of what one would seem to believe about filming with a mobile phone. Conrad Mess has raised the platform for all mobile filmmakers by shooting the film using Chroma Key using the iPhone 5: a mobile phone.

The photos showing the process depict the use of a green screen with actors and some props. The rest of the film is “filled” in during postproduction. Professionals in Hollywood with professional cameras create the effect and Conrad Mess is shooting a high-quality film using that same effect to create mesmerizing scenes for his film with an iPhone 5.

“The Other Side” was written by Marina Gómez who has worked with Conrad on previous films. We interviewed Marina Gómez and Conrad Mess about their mobile filmmaking experience. Stay tuned to the end of the article where we will share the opportunity for you to be a part of the film. This is a great opportunity because, as humble a director as Conrad Mess is, this film is historic and to be a part of it is an opportunity that is available right now.

We asked Marina Gómez about “The Other Side” story and where it came from. Marina Gómez is an author in Spain and she writes stories that are fairy tales with more young adult themes.

“The short feature film in which I work alongside Conrad Mess, ‘The Other Side,’ is based on a story of mine in which I was finalist in the Fanter Film Festival 2012. In the adaptation to film, the story has suffered some modifications due to the insistence of the director (Mess). However, it still respects the story-line and the characters.”

“The crew of ‘The Other Side,’ was truly professional and gave their all to the project. During our progress we received support and collaboration that has made a huge significance in the film. What Conrad and myself initiated with something very much ‘amongst friends,’ has evolved into a real ‘monster’ of new technologies: a good tale of terror, an iPhone 5 and Conrad Mess heading a humane team of superior professionals alongside some magnificent actors. What more could I ask for?”

Marina has had a dream since she was a girl and that dream was to put stories into film because her stories are so graphic and film is the best medium to depict them. She humored the idea of bringing her stories to film and the big screen. She was able to see her characters come to life during the production of “The Other Side,” and that experience has been one of the most sentimental and emotional in her life, up to now, because the film is not yet complete to see it on the big screen with all the effects.

“The Other Side” is an adaptation of Marina Gómez’ story and she promises a surprise ending. Conrad wrote the screenplay for the film from her adaptation.

Marina says she could not have put her dream of seeing her story on the big screen in better hands. She means, Conrad Mess. We asked Conrad Mess whose idea it was to film it with an iPhone.

“This project has been growing since the very beginning. I’m a very obsessive person—I can’t stop until everything is just how I want, and in this case I couldn’t find the locations that fit with what i had in my mind, so I decided to create them in 3D from scratch, so now everything is just how it’s supposed to be.”

Marina explained, “…when we decided to realize this dream together he [Conrad] asked me to shoot the film with a conventional camera and I told him ‘no’….If we were to make an impact with something original that had never been seen before, we had to think about everything. So a classic tale of terror was filmed with an iPhone 5 using Chroma key with virtual scenes really inspired both Conrad and myself the most.”

Okay, let’s get into production and find out how that went…I mean, that’s what you would really like to know, right?

“The days before production were crazy.” Said Marina.

“Especially for Conrad, David Cornadó [Assistant Director] and myself, because we were in charge of all the details prior to production. I personally was in charge of coordinating a lot of the set’s artistic design and props such as furniture and set items and wardrobe for the actors. I also illustrated the storyboard, which was something of a pain for me.” Marina laughs.

Marina said “The four days during production were nauseating but for certain, even though we were running against the clock we all fest very comfortable with each other and laughed a lot. We were a family.”

We asked Conrad Mess how the iPhone worked out for his production and he said, “The iPhone is a cellphone so you can’t ask it to act like a ‘real camera’, but I’m very happy with the quality.”

Conrad spoke about some complications, which I think everyone with an iPhone can relate to. “In this case we have some issues with the iPhone the place was hot and we had to use a fan to maintain the cellphone cold.”

What makes this film different from all of Conrad Mess’ previous films? Conrad says, “This short is 100% green screen, we set it up in an old warehouse [the location], and the only things that are real, are the door, the bed, the closet and the table and 2 chairs, everything else is computer generated.”

We asked Marina Gómez why she chose Conrad Mess to realize the dream she had as a child.

“From the time I watched, ‘The Fixer’ a few years ago for the first time on the internet, I could see he was overflowing and brimming with talent and I became entrapped in his art. Also knowing he was shooting with a mobile phone, I have had the privilege of being able to collaborate with him on some of his other projects and we have been work colleagues for some time. All I did was propose that he shoot something I wrote and he was happy to do it. He liked the story and we joined forces.”

Marina says working with Conrad is a moving experience unlike with anyone else on a set production. He is passionate about the process and so he won’t quit until things turn out the way he intends them to. He stays on the set working endless hours, and the team—his crew follows him even if he is working 24 hours straight. He is also very insistent during the production because Marina said one couldn’t even breathe during shoots.

In regards to a shared dream between two friends and the realization of that dream through “The Other Side,” Marina stated:

“Conrad is pursuing a goal; something new that he had never done before is in his hands. I pursue a dream, something I have always dreamed of. It’s true that this joint project in which we both have worked very hard, with many challenges and forces against us, for the success of his goal to reach a good outcome–which it will, would have realized my dream and that of many guys who have collaborated in this short feature film who have put all their might into it.”

I asked Conrad Mess about his opinion of my peeve about using tripods to capture the best footage. “I like to get every movement as smooth as I can get, so I strongly recommend to use all the gears [equipment] you can to get it.”

Conrad claims throughout the interview that he has a preference in his choice of accessories and apps for the iPhone for mobile filmmaking.

“Two of them are the most important, the app “Filmic Pro” and the grip “Phocus” from

“I used both. Phocus is exclusive for iPhone, but all the rest was pro equipment: a crane, a dolly, a slider,” said Conrad. He added he used Filmic Pro during production as the app of choice and postproduction editing is being done on a PC.

Marina is appreciative to everyone involved in helping to realize her dream. “Of course. The technical team and the actors have done an impeccable job. It could not have come out better, even though I can’t wait to see the final result.”

Marina and Conrad have set up a page online with information on an opportunity for you to become a part in the final cut of “The Other Side,” and other opportunities. They need your help to realize the final part of the filmmaking process during postproduction to make it a reality. They are offering the public a direct opportunity to be a part of this historic mobile phone shot film which will not only entertain the public and open the opportunities to all artists, but it will also be an inspiring film for all artists, reflecting a dream realized through what you have in your pocket–what we all have in our pockets.

We are enormously grateful to Conrad Mess as our partner inspiring everyone to reach for their dream by reaching into their pockets and using the amazing mobile phone now.

We encourage you to support this film for what it means to our friends Conrad Mess and Marina Gomez and for what it means to everyone with a dream. By helping our pioneer filmmakers pave the road for others you are helping art all over the world.

Stay tuned for updates because when we asked Marina about other projects, she said, “Other projects? Of course! I could not live without projects and excitement. And if you are asking me if I would produce a film with a mobile phone again, I would say yes, but only if Conrad Mess is at the helm.”
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The Other Side

Acting: Cristina Castaño, Pedro Pablo Isla, Jana Lafuente, Yaiza Grajales, Plata (Canine Actor).
Crew: Conrad Mess – Direction, Script, Editing, Production
Marina Gomez – Original idea, Story Board, Production
Javier Horrillo, David Cornadó, Toni Castaño, Trovador fotografía, Mike Dawson Kovalsky, Darío Fuertes, Darío Fuertes, David Martinez , Miguel David, Rubén Montón, Salva Valls, Chris Braibant, Xescu de los Santos, Daniel García, Abdón Alcañiz, Carlos, Olivella, Eduardo SD, Alfredo Martinez, Paqui Horcajo & Sergio Gómez.

Conrad Mess – Awards and Prizes

  • IPhone Film Festival Los Angeles 2011
  • IPhone Film Festival Singapore 2012
  • New Media Festival Los Angeles 2012
  • Z-Kudos Award Chicago 2012
  • Short Film Patrol Austria 2012
  • Mobil film Festival San Diego (2nd Place) 2012
  • Original iPhone Film Festival San Francisco (3rd) 2012
  • Short Non Stop (Finalist) 2011
  • IPhone Film Festival Los Angeles (2nd Place) 2012
  • Once a Week Film Festival Audience Award September 2012
  • Cinephone Film Festival Winner 2012
  • 30″ to end hunger contest Audience Award Ending Hunger (NGO) 2012
  • 30″ to end hunger contest 3rd Place Ending Hunger (NGO) 2012
  • Olleh Film Festival Korea 2012
  • The Smalls Film Festival 2011
  • Berkshire International Film Festival 2012
  • IndiePhone Film Festival 2012
  • Seoul International Extreme-Short festival 2012

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