Enter “The Other Side” Shot with iPhone5

It is mesmerizing to watch a film that is as tasty for your eyes and ears as it is as a story in itself. To realize the entire film was shot with an iPhone is a testament to the future of mobile filmmaking.

When we interviewed the creators of the film we learned a lot about realizing dreams. We learned that dreams can come true if you believe in them. It’s hard to believe you can realize your dream by simply seeing the success of your wish and believing it will come true. But to see the success of your wish as you are working hard to create your vision is what we think can actually make a dream into a reality for some.


Conrad Mess is exceptional in the sense that he believes in his dream by pursuit–more than envisioning his own future. So he pursues his dream by “playing the field” and participating in the creation of his dream.

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Conrad enters the arena of filmmaking by using his iPhone to create films just (almost) as the professionals do with conventional professional cameras.  Although Conrad Mess did not attend film school to acquire his skills, he is a very skilled and talented director and filmmaker.

Consider the fact he is working with a camera that is actually a mobile phone. It’s like trying to use a soup spoon for a shovel. What he has accomplished as a mobile filmmaker is not easy even for a professional conventional filmmaker to pull off.

This is one of the reasons why S. Botello Productions, LLC. in San Diego has created the Mobile Film School in San Diego with one of the leaders being Conrad Mess. Whether you are a professional, an amateur or novice, mobile filmmaking is something everyone can now do and Conrad Mess is poised to inspire you. Stay tuned with us because Conrad Mess is planning to come to San Diego very soon and you may want to meet him.

Read the article about the making of “The Other Side” with Conrad Mess and Marina Gómez.

We suggest you turn off the lights, and play this film with the sound up. Prepare yourself for an experience that you have never had before. It will be hard not to lose yourself within the aesthetics of the film with beautiful special effects and great cinematography, but don’t lose sight of the fact that it was all shot with a mobile phone.

The most important thing to remember is that Conrad Mess is not a professional filmmaker in Hollywood but a man with a dream who grew up in Spain watching films and wishing about one day becoming a Hollywood director.

There are many more like Conrad Mess working hard to make their dreams come true spending lots of money and time on conventional filmmaking methods and equipment. Conrad Mess got creative and believed in the dream. He demonstrated it by treating his films just as any Hollywood filmmaker would treat them once they are “in the can” or recorded.

Conrad respected the filmmaking process enough to treat the footage just as any other filmmaker treats his or her footage and then mastered the craft to make more films. The Fixer is his first and most epic film thus far…but what do you think? Do you think “The Other Side” is worthy of a look from Hollywood? We think so.

Watch the Movie! The Other Side by Conrad Mess

The Other Side

*Film is a classic horror tale and may not be suitable for children. Parental awareness is advised.

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