Cinematic Mobile Filmmaker Makes Impressive Film

There are some wonderful filmmakers in the world with so much talent and skill and there are many filmmakers with the dream of making films that get noticed. One film that we received for MFF2015, this year’s annual International Mobil Film Festival™ made an impression with strong potential.

There are exceptional filmmakers in the industry who are tedious and intentional, persevering and successful. We are not to compare mobile filmmakers such as the great Conrad Mess with an unbelievable, yet true, number of awards as an iPhone filmmaker, to other filmmakers. But we met a film and it’s filmmaker this year which had the potential of reaching the heights of all of the best mobile filmmakers when it comes to production value and storytelling.

Alicia Hayes - MFF2015 Meet Alicia Hayes who made an impressive mobile film with her iPhone which is to screen in San Diego during the MFF2015 competitions. Alicia plans to attend and present her film directly to our audience. Would you like an introduction? Let’s begin with an interview about who this new mobile filmmaker with great cinematography skills, amongst many others, of course!

SBP: Please tell us about yourself and do share what inspired you to be a mobile filmmaker.

Alicia: I worked in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles for about 12 years in various aspects including production assistant, associate producer, Wardrobe, voiceover, and acting although most of my career was spent as a makeup artist. During those years spent on set I utilized that time and used it as a classroom soaking in all of the action that was going on around me from the director, gaffers, grips, lighting, script supervisor, set decorator, costuming etc. to get a firm understanding of the process. I learned a great deal watching others in their positions and was never afraid to ask questions. Moreover; I did a lot of speck work just so I could attain the experience on the job.

After leaving L.A. I moved back home to Arkansas yet I still yearned to create a moving work of art and tell a story so I used to collect clips from Youtube, edited them together to tell a story. I showed one of my edited stories to an industry friend he was emphatic when he said I should be making films. I laughed and said; “Sure let me get on that! Just get me a couple mil and a crew and I’ll do that!” He then shared a video called the “FIXER” directed by Conrad Mess. I was enraptured by the quality of the film and it was shot with an iPhone! I was transfixed and in disbelief regarding the quality and cinematography. At that moment it was like two atoms crashing into each other in a colossal explosion of creative possibilities that I now have at my finger tips…it was imagination overload! I had so many ideas exploding in my mind about how many stories I have to tell. I realized that my dream is now a reality! I now had the key to finally make films (on my terms) without the prerequisite of a mega bank roll. I have ALL the tools I need to make it happen…phone, desire, imagination and creativity! LIGHT S, CAMERA, ACTION!

SBP: Tell us about the camera you use…in other words, tell us about your mobile phone and what you used with it to help you make such a great film.

Alicia: The iPhone 5 is my camera of choice. Most of my shots are handheld because I want to have precision in following the action in a scene. However; for certain shots I do employ the Pico dolly not only for dolly in and dolly out shots but for panning left to right and it works brilliantly! In addition; I sometimes use the SteadyCam Smoothie to capture a smoother action shot. I don’t have a jib or a crane but I manage to attain similar types of shots with a steady hand by holding my arms high and steadily bringing the camera down or starting at floor level in a squatted position working my way up! It’s not easy and it takes a lot of practice but it can be done with patience and I make sure I bring a gallon or two of patience whenever I shoot! I don’t use to many applications except for FiLMic Pro and I used it sparingly. I enjoy the depth of color and the fixed focus.

SBP: We are giving you the floor to share apps and accessory designers about future enhancements, updates and opportunities for mobile filmmaking products. So what say you?

Alicia: I would like to see the smoothie SteadyCam improved with a heavier weighted system. Otherwise the tools that are available are wonderful and user friendly!

SBP: Alicia, we know you have already made several mobile films with iPhones. Can you share some of them with us? Please begin with your film to screen during MFF2015.

CHASM POSTER - Alicia Hayes Alicia: “CHASM” is about a young woman that discovers that her lack of attention in the world will cost her what she values most…freedom! The film begins with Erica reading the Constitution while her grandfather reads what is happening in world news. Meanwhile; she falls asleep reading a document that is rather boring to her until of course she realizes it is the very thing that guarantees her liberties and freedoms that she carelessly takes for granted.

“DISTILL” is my first short film and it’s about a woman that reflects on her past and the renewal of her future. I wrote, directed, edited, performed and also wrote the musical soundtrack with no assistance. This film was nominated for best short film in the International iPhone Film Festival 2014

“FRACTURED” is my second film observes the internal struggles within one woman’s attempt to reconcile her true self within the human condition. I wrote, directed, performed and edited the film with no assistance. The pan shots in the film were achieved with the camera remaining static as I physically moved into frame giving the effect of a pan shot.

SBP: Do you believe that the future of mobile filmmaking is an excellent venue for independent filmmakers?

Alicia: Yes! There is nothing more exciting than knowing I can shoot wherever I am in the world and it’s right in my pocket.
SBP: Cool! that is an excellent quote! What is your dream? Do you feel mobile filmmaking will help you realize your dream?

Alicia: My dream has always been to make films and now I am doing it!

SBP: What do you think about mobile filmmaking in general and for people who never tried to make a film before?

Alicia: Mobile film making is wonderful and your imagination is the fuel that will drive your films! If you have a camera, a story and a creative eye you can make a film.

We are looking forward to Alicia Hayes attending MFF2015 in San Diego on April 25 & 26, 2015.

Join us and meet Alicia Hayes and other filmmakers from around the world during MFF2015 in San Diego, California.

Here are some links that Alicia shared for our readers: