Smartphone Videomaker Rocks!

In San Diego, the International Mobil Film Festival™ took place and a number of filmmakers came to share their films on the big screen with the world. MFF2015 screened 36 official selected films and featured a few others as well. All the films shot with mobile phones. Prakash Gandhi Natarajan screened his film “Michelle’s Patisserie” which promoted his wife’s company.


When Prakash went back home he decided to open his production company which films most of its videos using mobile video cameras, primarily-the smartphone.

We were happy to hear about this because we are truly mobile film geeks, and we asked him a few questions which we thought we would share with you.

SB: Were you a professional in video production before you began to use mobile phones to shoot?

Prakash: No. I graduated from college for Computers and I am a full time employee as software engineer for the last 12 years. I started film making recently and immediately fell in love with Smartphone Film making.

SB: What made you try making professional videos using your mobile phone?

Prakash: Because the idea of using smartphone for pre-production, production, post-production and distribution sounds like a dream, still its possible through smartphones. Since that dream is a reality I started making professional videos through smartphones only.

Prakash Unipod rig

SB: What types of films do you make?

Prakash: I have been making videos constantly. Weddings, Small Business promo videos, Events and Screenings.

SB: So you decided to open a mobile film or video production company, correct?

Prakash: Yes thats correct. My mobile video production company name is Dhara Visual.

SB: What made you decide to open a mobile video and/or film production company as opposed to a traditional one, and did you or do you, still have a traditional production company?

Prakash: I love to work alone. I am a one man show kind of person. If I would have end up going the traditional route with a DSLR and accessories then I needed at least one or two person to help with every single project. Going to the smartphone route, gives me the flexibility of working alone without any one’s help.

Praksh iPhone 6 accessories

SB: Was MFF2015 the first film festival you submitted your film to?

Prakash: I have submitted to multiple film festivals before that and MFF2015 is the only film festival I attended in person at San Diego earlier this year.

SB: What was the experience like for you?

Prakash: MFF2015 was great. I get to meet other film makers and get to see their films on the big screen. Attended Q & A session with the live audience, walked the red carpet with my beautiful wife and the models. MFF2015 Founder did treat us like celebrities.



SB: Do you plan to make a movie or another film for next year’s film festival or other festivals using your phone?

Prakash: I am constantly making videos and submitting my videos to other film festivals. I would love to attend my best work this year to MFF2016 for sure.

SB: We hope you can make it to MFF2016 again! Would your recommend the experience of making a mobile film and submitting it to our film festival in San Diego?

Prakash: Yes. I encourage all the film makers outside, to take a look at MFF2016 as an opportunity to showcase your work to the world and come and meet all the other lovely and kind film makers.

Prakash Gandhi Natarajan is a popular community member in the world of mobile filmmaking. His love for shooting videos, using apps of all sorts and trying different and new accessories makes him extremely versatile in his craft. His talent is diverse and plainly put: cool!

Prakash selfie angle

Prakash selfie

We look forward to seeing Prakash again in San Diego, or as part of other festivals, we have acquired a bit of admiration for his versatility in mobile filmmaking. He has a lot of energy to give to mobile filmmaking and video production and is talented and skilled in technology and the arts.

Here is how to contact Prakash’s mobile video production company Dhara Visual:

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If you at least watch one of Dhara Visual films you may be inspired. Here is one that will get you moving.

MFF2016 is still open for submissions as of the date of this article. The deadline is December 19, 2015. We will not be extending our deadline so please do make a film of about 1 to 5 minutes and submit it to us before the deadline. Part of the award for completing your film and making it as an official selection to be screened during MFF2016 is to come to the event and walk the red carpet, meet other filmmakers and just be a part of it. We will treat you like a star but that is because you deserve it for all your work. Do your best and hope you make it!

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