SBP_LogoTMaWelcome! S. Botello Productions™ created the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, Mobile (phone) Film School (non-accredited) and Mobile Film TV Distribution Network Channel (MFTV). SBP’s goal is to Promote Art, Technology & Education through global filmmaking and sharing.

We are forming the Mobile Film Resource Center for the world to access and collaborate with.  A strong emphasis is on connecting the world of filmmaking to mobile filmmakers around the globe via new technological advances with mobile phone cameras.

SBP launched in July 2006 as a multimedia video production company. The idea of the international mobile media film festival “International Mobil Film Festival™” as a live physical film festival event was organized in 2009 and was launched online in 2010. We had the intention of doing this years before, but our goal was to have a local event which brought filmmakers together around the world to San Diego to watch the films they shot on mobile phones play on BIG screens and walk the red carpet as part of an award ceremony like any other filmmaker in the industry. In the end, it’s about sharing good stories!

Since then, a mobile filmmaking industry has erupted with apps and accessories and more mobile film festivals, and it has emerged as one of the newest and most fascinating industries in current development. Mobile Film is soon to be a mainstream option to make films and share them both online and on big screens all around the world.

SBP is the face of mobile film in San Diego and has developed extensive projects like our Collaboration Program, Community Stories Program and a Journalism News & Current Events Category, amongst other suggested categories. Our exclusive mobile film festival and mobile film programs have resulted in a global resource center with connections from Canada, Africa, New Zealand, Macedonia, Spain, France, South Korea and other countries. As of today, this community has grown into a culture giving way to a new mobile film industry without boundaries.

Due to our presence within the emerging international mobile & smartphone filmmaking industry, the media and other production companies contact us for our expertise and information we may have concerning mobile phone use for filmmaking from people around the world, due to our work. That data is mainly about what types of phones are being used for filmmaking and if any of them are better than others for filmmaking. While we do have extensive global connections within this growing industry, we are realizing a need to do research in order to inform the members of the film industry who look to us as a good resource concerning and regarding mobile filmmaking around the world. We never share personal information without permission. We consider our decisions as integral to the development of the vision we share for mobile film.

Mobile Film Media (aka MobileMedia.press & MobileFilmMedia.com) is a news agency, of sorts, for mobile film by SBP. We intend to bring our readers unique in-depth articles surrounding global mobile smartphone filmmaking, as a new industry and its participants as part of the global community of an artistic & technology industry.

We aim to inform you from our own research and experiences about the evolving industry and its growth from a global perspective. MobileMedia.press is a good resource for news stories centering around mobile phone video as it is related to every industry around the world, from filmmaking to business, culture, community and education.

If you have a desire to participate as a news story writer for Mobile Film Media™ (MFM) please fill out the form below with your interest. Do not send resumes or links to personal information, please. We respect your privacy and wish to ensure it. Just send us your contact information and why you believe your writing and research in the mobile film industry should be a part of this site.

We will consider all requests. Requirements are: professionalism, good work and adherence to a standard code of ethics in news reporting. This is also an opportunity for experience. We reach people around the world. Be a part of mobile filmmaking and the new niche in filmmaking from a global perspective. It’s not only exciting; it’s inspirational!


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